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Save Our Schools NJ


Will our children be forced to take high-stakes standardized tests for another decade?

Will our public schools lose more funding and more instructional time to such tests?

Will our children’s days be filled with test preparation instead of creativity and real learning?

Will the public school curriculum continue to be narrowed?

Will teachers be forced to spend more time teaching to tests that determine if they may keep their jobs and if schools may stay open?

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Right now, the US Congress is deciding the future of high-stakes standardized testing for the next decade or longer.

Please ask your US Representative and Senators to:
1) End the punitive sanctions currently associated with high-stakes standardized tests

Stop defunding and closing public schools & firing teachers based on standardized test scores!

2) End the annual standardized testing that is consuming our children’s education

Return to testing once in elementary, middle and high school, as was the case before 2001. Thank you for all you do to protect our children and our public schools!

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